August 1, 2008
Mount Sinai Hospital exotic Charity Car Rally

Fru-terra once again this year was a major sponsor of the Mount Sinai Hospital exotic Charity Car Rally. With an impressive caravan of exotic cars including Ferrari, Lamborgini, Porsche, Corvette and Mercedes, this one of a kind fundraiser has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the benefit of the hospital foundation, improving the lives of patients and hospital facilities.

Fru-terra G.M.Robert Cracower handled the logistics for the event which included the rally and a Show and Shine in July at the Orange Julep on Decarie Boulevard. Visit at

July 1, 2008
JULY 2008

Fru-terra was a proud sponsor of A World of Dreams Foundation Canada. They are a non-profit organization which fulfills the dreams of sick children across Canada, who suffer from critic, chronic and terminal illnesses. Bennett’s fruit juices were served at their annual picnic. Visit

June 1, 2008
JUNE 2008

Fru-terra supports the youth in dramatics as sponsors of the Montreal School of Performing Arts . This year’s play was Hansel and Gretal and participants and guests were treated to Bennett’s fruit juices.

March 1, 2008
MARCH 2008

Fru-terra once again participated in the Montreal Sial International Food Show at Le Palais de Congress in downtown Montreal. All our products were on display to local and foreign buyers from many different countries.

February 1, 2008

Fru-terra renewed its agreement to be a sponsor of the The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation “ Healthcheck “ program. See below.

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