Welcome to the Fru-Terra Inc. website. Home of the "Bennett's" "Fruitkins" and "Fru-Terra" brands.

As the juice market continues to evolve, so too does Fru-Terra. Every day our labs are bustling as we constantly formulate new beverages and juices for today’s health conscious consumers and ever changing dietary needs.

Fru-Terra 946ml
Fru-Terra 946ml

Fru-Terra inc. was incorporated in 1989 and remains on the cutting edge of new food and beverage development. With the acquisition of the Bennett’s brand in January 1994 the company began commercial affairs, offering Canadian consumers a trusted household juice brand.

Originally created in the 1950s, Bennett’s juices are renown for their high quality ingredients with a varied product line. Although the Bennett’s line of Prune nectar and Prune juice are most notable, through the years, Fru-Terra has developed and refined the Bennett’s line of products to satisfy the needs of today’s marketplace. Robert Cracower, president and principal shareholder of Fru-Terra brings over 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry to the company. From research to development to packaging to processing to marketing, he oversees all operational elements to ensure the highest quality juices with the greatest added value for the end user.

Fru-Terra’s philosophy focuses on health and the environment. Products are as natural as commercially feasible. Low on the bad things like artificial sweeteners, colours and fat. High on the good things like natural, pure juice, antioxidants and fiber. All juice packaging and supplies are recyclable.

Fru-Terra is committed to work along with its clients to satisfy the ever-changing needs of today’s modern and sophisticated consumer. Get in on the ground floor for the next generation of natural, good-for-you juices.

We look forward to a healthy and profitable partnership!

Robert Cracower ...

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