Quality Story

At Fru-Terra we have been creating, perfecting and bottling mouthwatering, thirst-quenching juices since 1996. We put all of our passion into providing you with the most flavourful and healthy fruit juices. You might even say that every bottle is sealed with an extra dose of pride on top of all of those good-for-you ingredients.

Fru-Terra juices not only taste great, but they pack a nutritional punch. We take pride in selecting the best quality fruits, picking them at their most tasty moment and creating all-natural juices that are always fresh and delicious.

Our juices proudly display the Health Check symbol from the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada and can contribute to an overall healthy diet.

As an independently owned and operated business, Fru-Terra brings you high quality juices for a healthy lifestyle, at an affordable price so you can feel good about pouring your next glass.

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